We Love Columbus

Dear Fairview Church Family,

This summer we have a new opportunity to be on mission in our own community. June 2-5 (Wed-Sat), we are going to be hosting “We Love Columbus.” This will be a mission focused week, where we as a church will serve our community through various light construction, yardwork projects, and acts of kindness. Our hope through this week is to continue showing our community that we as FVB Church love the people of Columbus.

The plan for “We Love Columbus” is to assimilate all of our volunteers into teams with a designated leader, and work on these various projects. These projects will range anywhere from fence/roof repairs, to painting homes, to mowing yards, planting gardens, and simple acts of service. Again, our vision for this week is to love on our community, and be a witness to the love God has for them. 

In order to make this possible, we will need help from every church member. On the next page we have a list of the various ways you can serve, along with a volunteer form for you to fill out. We ask you to fill out these forms and turn them in by Sunday, May 9. Regardless of your skills, experience, or age, there is a place for you to serve alongside your church family. Christ never exempts anyone from ministry service, and we are in need of many volunteers to work the harvest. We encourage you to pray and consider how God is calling you to serve with us this summer. — Would you be willing to take time out of your work and summer plans, in order to join with us in making God’s name known to the people of Columbus?

On Sunday, May 23, at 4:30pm in the fellowship hall we will have a “We Love Columbus” meeting for all volunteers to assign roles, place teams, provide a detailed schedule, and answer any questions you may have.

We have also attached a ministry request form. If you know of someone in the community who is in need, or could benefit from this form of ministry, we ask that you please fill out this form and return to the church office. We will consider every request turned in and evaluate them based on the resources we have. We are working hard to be good stewards of your time and resources God has provided us to best serve our community. All ministry requests forms are due no later than Sunday, May 9.

Thank you for the love and support you have always shown to this church and community, and know that we are praying for each of you as you consider how to best serve with us this summer.

In Christ,

Fairview Staff 

 Job Description ( Please Complete Volunteer Form Below):

Site Leader

  • Head person over their specific ministry site. In charge of all operations over the site, including giving direction and delegating tasks to workers.
  • Contacts the Construction Coordinator with any questions or issues at the site.
  • Requirements: Experience working in either construction or yardwork.

Asst. Site Leader

  • Works with Site Leader to provide direction and instruction for workers at the mission site.
  • Requirements: Experience working in either construction or yardwork.

Evangelism Leader

  • Leads the team in ensuring the Gospel is shared with homeowner and other community members at the site. Works with team on the site.

Encourager/First Aid

  • Works on the site to encourage workers and leads out in prayer at the site.
  • Responds to all first aid incidents and informs Lead Medical Person of any first aid applied.

Site Workers

  • Work on mission sites following the leading of the Site Leader.
  • Zero experience necessary, all that is required is a servant’s heart.

Lead Medical Person

  • Handles all medical concerns beyond first aid issues.
  • Requirements: Experience working in the medical field as a nurse or doctor.

Meal Workers

  • Works at the church to help prepare breakfast lunches for volunteers.
  • Zero experience necessary, all that is required is a servant’s heart.

Meal Deliverers

  • Helps deliver meals from the church to mission sites.
  • Looking for individuals/classes who may not be able to work outdoors all day, but still have a desire to serve.

Throughout the year, the church goes into the surrounding community for outreach and ministry.  Lawns are mowed, street gutters cleaned, trash is picked up, and other improvement opportunities for repairs and improvements are identified with our neighbors.

We Love Columbus… It is more than just words. It is the church showing the love of Christ to those across the street and across our city.

We would love to hear from you!

If you have any questions, please contact us below or call 662.328.2924