Weekly Schedule

Sunday Schedule:

Time:  School Year Schedule:


8:30 am – 8:50 am   Library Open

9:00 am   Sunday School

10:15 am   Morning Worship

4:30 pm   55+ Choir, Emerge Worship Ministry 

5:30 pm   Evening Worship / D Groups / E Groups Students / TeamKid


Wednesday Schedule: 

Time:  School Year Schedule:

4:30-6:00 pm   Family Night Supper 

5:00 pm   Student Building Open 

5:45 pm   Kidz Praize

6:00 pm  Student Bible Study, Adult SS Teachers Explore the Bible Study preparation, College Bible Study; Student SS Teacher Prep 

6:10 pm -6:50 pm   RA’s, GA’s, Mission Friends 

6:15 pm   Adult Bible Study, Sanctuary

6:45 pm   Separate Choir/ Orchestra Rehearsal

7:45 pm   Student Building Closed



Fairview COVID19 Schedule

8:00 am Worship Center Service (those 65+ and most vulnerable)

8:45 am Fellowship Hall Service (Families with children/teens at home)

10:15 am Worship Center Service (all)


Please register for any service at www.fvbchurch.org/reGathering


Sunday School

SS age group teaching will be posted online for viewing at that time and will stay on the platform for future viewing at learner’s convenience.


Noon – Adult Sunday School (all platforms)
5:00 pm – Preschool Sunday School (FvbcKids on Facebook)

5:30 pm – (FvbcKids on Facebook)

6:00 pm – Emerge Students (YouTube.com search Emerge Fairview)


9:15 am – Adult Sunday School (all platforms)


Wednesday Night

6:00 pm – Bible Study (all platforms)

6:00 pm – Bible Study (YouTube.com search Emerge Fairview)


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