Teacher & Leader Resources

Teachers check out the available resources for your Sunday School Classes:

For help with your weekly preparations for Bible Studies for Life, CLICK HERE!  Under “Leadership Extras” there will be video, articles, and blogs for all age groups teaching BSFL.

For help with your weekly preparations for Explore the Bible, CLICK HERE!  Resources an articles available for all age groups.

For help with your weekly preparations for The Gospel Project, CLICK HERE! Teachers can clock on “Leader Resources” and find “Additional Resources” by age groups.

Coming soon:

Bible Studies by Steve is a question based lesson plan for classes using Bible Studies for Life. It also contains a searchable archive on many lessons to search by topic or scripture.

The Baptist Record of Mississippi provides brief commentary on Explore the Bible and Bible Studies for Life on a weekly basis. Material is available on Wednesday for coming Sunday.

Lifeway Digital Library has numberous free study resources.

Ministry Grid. Register to creaet a free account to access Sunday School lesson preparation videos. Once logged in, click “Search” and different “Training Pathways” options will appear. Three Lifeway curriculums we use all have lesson preparation videos for all age groups.

EVANGELISM & Sharing your Faith Helps…

An Article on Christian Witnessing, CLICK HERE!

An Article regarding the importance of Christian Testimony, CLICK HERE!

Details on sharing ones faith based on Share Jesus Without Fear model, CLICK HERE!  This is a two page article. It models 5 questions to ask to help understand a person’s beliefs and offer direction to person sharing.  There are 7 key scriptures to share and article gives guideance on followup and clarification if needed.  When a person reads Romans 3:23 and understands, the next scritpure Romans 6:23 is writen at the top of that page in your Bible.  And so on…  That gives the person sharing the quick reference where to go next.

Here is a link to Life Conversation Guide provided by the North American Mission Board of the SBC. LIFE APP LINK!   There are links to app stores for Apple and Android phones. Within the app there is a video that can be used for presenting Gospel OR learning. Use the 3 circle mode to discuss and then swipe the screen for the next part of the visual. The NEXT menu item leads person through a salvation prayer.

Here is another app that illustrates The Bridge and can be used with or without the audio: SHARE YOUR FAITH APP!  Swipe your finger to advance as questions are answered and shared. Scripture reference button on each screen as well as a MORE option for info.

Quite possibly someone won’t let us share with them. This special site has a series of 4 effective videos from the Billy Graham Ministry to recommend. PEACEwithGOD.net!

Here is a fun video from The Skit Guys on how NOT to evangelize… HUMOR VIDEO CLICK HERE!

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