High School

David Dees

David Dees

Minister to Students

The Fairview High School Ministry exists to help students, 9th – 12th grade, know God, follow after Him, and make Him known.

During the School Year Schedule

Sunday Morning is LIFE Group time for our students at 9:00 am. We teach the Bible in a small group setting by gender and grade. Our teachers challenge students to go deeper in their knowledge of God and His word.

Sunday Night our Student D-Groups meet at 5:45. Our time consists of small groups that are broken up by gender and age. These groups help students to grow deeper in love with Christ while being held accountable by their peers and adult leader.

Wednesday Nights from 6:00 -7:00 is our midweek worship and Bible study time. It’s filled with fun games, intimate worship and bible studies that focus on challenging students to grow in Christ. We meet together with FVBC Middle School for a worship time and break off into a Bible study time focused on FVBC High Schoolers.


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