D Groups

In February 2017, the church launched D Groups on Sunday nights after a yearlong time of prayer and discovery by staff. Each D Group provides foundational building blocks for an adult believer in Jesus Christ to grow them to be disciples. Our student ministry has had incredible results in the last years with their E Groups that will continue. Our Preschool & Children discipleship will use TeamKID (Kids in Discipleship).

We felt led to use Sunday nights for our time together.

D-Groups for adults will be gender groups of 3-5 persons that will meet each Sunday night. Participants will make a commitment to the group in attendance, preparation, accountability, and multiplication. Facilitator training will continue as Facilitators are identified in order to continue group development. Some groups will meet other times to allow those with unique work schedules and life situations to attend. Sunday night has a built in necessity to have discipleship for our kids so entire families can participate without childcare concerns

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